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We strive to provide each client with the best and high performing professionals for their needs and requirements, and maintaining a standard of excellence in all service areas.​

Increase Your Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Your Overheads by up to 75%

Why outsource to WeConnect?

  • High-Quality Talent Pool at Low Costs

  • No Freelancers. Only highly-trained, full time employees.

  • Improve your company's efficiency and utilization rate

  • Delegate, reduce workload and focus on your core business

  • Reduce your operational costs. 

  • No long-term contracts, no Recruiter costs, no HR Issues, no National Insurance

  • We have years of experience in helping businesses integrate remote customer support employees into their company.

Dedicated remote employees

Hire Your Own Top-Notch Specialists

During this uncertain time, businesses have had to pivot to face unexpected workload and critical skills requirements. More businesses are pro-actively embracing remote hiring tactics to continue to build their teams, and with great success. If remote hiring is not something that you’re familiar with, then don’t fear it. WeConnect Outsourcing Partners is maintaining momentum with appropriate hires and continuously leveraging the right tools. You can ensure that with our help, you identify, interview and onboard your new remote employees in an effective way to build your teams and strengthen your business for the future.​



Providing dedicated full time remote staff and offshore staffing for SMEs and MNCs since 2005. From managing virtual teams effectively to cultural integration and advising on the best tech applications, we not only supply businesses with the top virtual talent, but we also help businesses to implement remote working systems.



Since 2005, we have helped hundreds of businesses recruit highly skilled remote employees that quickly become key members of their team. From starts ups to small teams at established companies, we have the experience in remote working to ensure you find, integrate and retain the perfect professional for your business. 



With more than 15 years of outsourcing service provision experience, WeConnect  have the skills required to provide services to any industry virually.



Over the years of providing outsourcing services, WeConnect has developed a separate department called the WeConnect Academy that provides skill and softskill training programs. Your remote staff is fully trained in remote working and ready to jump into your business from day one.

Partner with WeConnect in 5 Simple Steps

Discuss Client Requirements

Selection Process

Compliance check

Application Process

Staff Onboarding

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