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Partner with WeConnect in 5 Simple Steps

Implementation Plan

Go Live

Discuss Client Requirements

Selection Process

Compliance check

Process Application

Staff Onboarding


The first step in starting a partnership involves discussions between WeConnect Recruitment Specialist and the client regarding what the partnership will entail and defining the client's outsourcing service requirements. WeConnect strives to provide tailor made services on a partner-to-partner basis, which is why building mutual trust is of crucial importance for a successful partnership, and it starts with the very first step. A partnership based on mutual trust is a cornerstone of our service provision model, as it implies that all else will also be done in a manner that honors this trust. By receiving reliable information from our clients, we are able to identify the best possible outsourcing strategy, give reliable figures regarding the preparation required and present our clients with a realistic expected “go-live or onboarding” date estimate.



To fully understand our client's business process outsourcing goals and requirements, we need to familiarize ourselves with their company and understand the current business process management model. 

Outsourcing Requirements

We will need to know what type of services are required, the required employee profiles as well as the expected quality standards, service speed and the go-live date. This will enable us to assess the time and preparation work needed to initiate resourcing and recruitment process.



Other details defined during this step include the required employee profiles, expected onboarding date, payment model and other specifics relating to the necessary services. The details defined in this step will then be incorporated into the partnership agreement documents, thus ensuring maximum clarity and transparency for both parties involved.



Depending on the efficiency of the communication, the size of the project and the readiness of the client, the first offer could be made even as soon as a week after these discussions have begun. Once this has been done, we will send the candidate profiles to the client and begin the selection process.

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