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WeConnect have placed more than 500 different positions into various clients. Our leading outsourced positions are Customer Service Representatives, Helpdesk Support, Accountants, IT Developers, Graphic Designers, Data Analysts, Marketing Managers, and many more.

We hire high-level dedicated employees who strive to provide the assistance you need! Not only professional support but also pro-active pieces of advice for your business. Each of us goes through a rigorous recruitment process. Our valuable talent pool consists of Marketing Specialists, Graphic Designers, Customer Support Representatives, Customer Success Managers, Assistants, Business and Sales Representatives, Compliance Analysts, Data and Transaction Analysts, IT Helpdesk Support, IT Developers, and Market Researchers, to name a few.

Be ahead of your competition

You can have 3 employees for the price of 1, or a fully dedicated employee with a specific skill set for your business.

FREE, no obligation Workforce Planning Review and Consultation for Call Center Outsourcing.

Simply send us your requirements, and we'll take care of the rest. 

Call Center Outsourcing

Combines cost reduction and process improvement with excellent customer service, quality assurance and highly trained employees.

Data Entry

WeConnect remote staff will handle the data entry for you on your request. Make this time and effort consuming task our priority without giving it a second thought.

IT and Helpdesk Support

IT outsourcing consists of IT infrastructure and IT-enabled services.

Specific IT services include help desk support, network and server administration, software development, and data center management.

HR Outsourcing

Delegate all your HR requirements including payroll management, benefits, compensation, HR management, conflict resolution, performance improvement plan management, and recruitment.

Accounting Services

  • Accounting and bookkeeping

  • Accounts payable and receivable management

  • Tax reporting and preparation

  • Financial analysis, auditing, and reporting

Administrative Support

WeConnect remote staff is due to keep all your administrative work well organized and timely managed as well as provide an assistance with some personal tasks you feel a time-pressed for. 


Healthcare Services



Medical transcription services, licensed professionals in medicine, biology, chemistry, pharmacy, and other medical fields Inalso provide these services:

  • Health and wellness analysis

  • Medical coding and billing

  • Health services research and development

  • Diagnostics

  • Genetic profiling and other telepathology services

Banking and Finance



  • Strategic, market, and financial services research

  • Analytics

  • Underwriting

  • Competitive intelligence monitoring

  • Risk mitigation

  • Training and consulting

IT and Telecommunications



  • Helpdesk Support - different tiers

  • Network and Server Administration

  • Software Development

  • Data Center Management

  • Customer Support

Travel and Tourism


  • Administrative and support services

  • Travel agents

  • Reservations consultants

  • With historical, geographical and cultural interest points

  • Accommodation consultant

  • Booking agents

Digital Marketing Services



  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Web design

  • Web development

  • Mobile app development

  • Content marketing

  • Social media marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Conversion optimization

Legal Services



Legal transcription, other legal and paralegal services:

  • Legal research and analysis

  • Litigation support: database creation, database maintenance, and electronic discovery

  • Contract support: contract review, management, and due diligence

  • Legal software development

  • Administrative support: electronic document management, data entry and extraction, billing, and virtual assistance

The Challenge

Every business faces numerous challenges daily. One in particular and a pervasive problem is finding and implementing cost-efficient administrative/HR/management solutions without compromising quality. Employing real people to carry out tasks is arguably the most expensive part of any business, and here is where you need to be creative. Effective solutions are hard to come by, and competent specialists take a toll on your budget to maintain and grow.

Contemplating at Work

Our Solution

Hiring Remote Employee from WeConnect will SAVE around 6 weeks of the hiring process and approximately 3x of your costs. Therefore, your internal staff can focus on more essential business tasks and lower business expenses or hire more employees for the same price.

Business Meeting

We compared our solution with others

Let’s get in touch, and we are happy to help you find a cost-effective employment solution.

Internal recruitment




Total costs

Total costs

Total costs

WeConnect have succesfully placed remote staff and met the required business needs for some of our trusted partner clients:

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