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Partner with WeConnect in 5 Simple Steps

Implementation Plan

Go Live

Discuss Client Requirements

Selection Process

Compliance check

Process Application

Staff Onboarding


Individuals who perform successfully in the preceding steps are now considered eligible to receive the conditional employment offer. The actual hiring decision should be made by the client's hiring manager.

Conditional job offer means a tentative job offer that becomes permanent after certain conditions are met.

If the potential candidate has passed each step of the selection process so far, a conditional job offer is usually made.

In essence, the conditional job offer implies that if everything checks out – such as passing a certain medical, physical or substance abuse test – the conditional nature of the job offer will be removed and the offer will be permanent.

This approach also enables the client to discuss and negotiate nearly all aspects and full credentials and skillsets of the candidates they will be onboarding. Furthermore, this approach also ensures that the compliance check will align with our clients' overall business outsourcing goals and comply with all of the employee and service quality requirements.

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