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Partner with WeConnect in 5 Simple Steps

Implementation Plan

Go Live

Implementation Plan

Go Live

Discuss Client Requirements

Selection Process

Compliance check

Process Application

Staff Onboarding


This process helps to align expectations between the candidate and employer. Our Recruitment Specialist will walk through a checklist with the client that may include topics like pay expectations, full time or flexible commitment, starting date, and other pre-requisites.

A job profile will be developed by our Recruitment Specialists based on the job description. 

Pre-screening will begin as part of this process to provide assessments that can include cognitive testing, a job sample, or other tests that help to predict the quality of the potential remote staff. The selection process typically begins with the preliminary interview and progress through a series of selection tests, after which, the shortlisted pool of candidates will then be presented to the client for the interview process.


Besides providing our clients with a qualified skilled employees, in accordance with the needs and requirements of the client's business, our clients have the ability to pick and choose sub-services and quality assurance processes that best suit their overall outsourcing goal(s). Furthermore, the client also has the chance to negotiate the terms and conditions related to up-scaling the scope of outsourced services, in case of business growth, or in case the client decides to outsource other business processes as well. Once the negotiations have been completed and both parties are fully satisfied, the third stage of drafting and finalizing of contract can begin.

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